GLAD ForceFlex™ Stretchable Strength® range with Glad Swingbin

Building on the success of GLAD’s new generation of garbage bags, is the latest addition to the range – Glad Swingbin Drawstring Bags with ForceFlex Stretchable Strength.

Use Glad Swingbin Drawstring Bags with ForceFlex Stretchable Strength for indoor use and confidently fill your bin to the brim, because it’s tear resistant. So fill 'em, stretch 'em and stuff 'em with just about anything and everything! They are the most reliable way to dispose of trash in your home.

As an added bonus they also contain Eucalyptus scented for a clean, fresh scent to help control odours. They also feature a handy drawstring for extra hygiene and ease of handling.

GLAD’s ForceFlex range now offers a variety of sizes to suit your different bins making them ideal for indoor and outdoor use - garden, kitchen, kids room, entertaining, office. They are the solution for all your tidy needs.

They represent a new generation of garbage bags, redefining strength in the bag industry. The innovative Stretchable Strength technology has a unique diamond shaped texture that stretches around objects and awkward edges, preventing rips, punctures and tears, making them ideal for all types of garbage. Thanks to GLAD’s ForceFlex you no longer have to “double bag”, have a smelly, unhygienic bin or need to “wash” your trash before throwing it away.

Ideal for all households and occasions.

Only GLAD has the stretchable strength of ForceFlex. For the protection you need to get things done, get GLAD. GLAD - Making Life a Little Easier.

GLAD Tidy Bin range

Tidy bin range is the only swing bin bag with a drawstring for added convenience, easy to close and easy to carry. It also contains anti-bacterial ingredients for peace of mind.

Glad WAVE TOP Bags

Glad WAVE TOP Bags is specially designed to make the task of taking out the refuse so much easier. Glad Wave Top Bags have ties build into the bag so that it is easier and more hygienic to close a full refuse bag. Simply tie the opposite corners together! Easy to close – easy to carry! Glad Wave Top bags are available for swing and pedal bins in medium, large and x-large.