Glad Freezer Bags

GLAD Freezer Bags are thick, strong and suitable to freeze all types of food. Included in the bag is a tie to seal in freshness and minimize freezer burn. Available in different sizes for your convenience.


  • Glad Resealable Freezer Bags Small - 200mmx250mm
  • Glad Resealable Freezer Bags Small - 230mmx300mm
  • Glad Resealable Freezer Bags Large - 250mmx320mm
  • Glad Freezer Bags Large - 330mmx420mm
  • Glad Ice Cube Bags - 330mmx420mm

    The legendary Ice Cube Bags have been re-invented by GLAD and are available nationally. The subtle enhancements include a self-seal innovation which is activated when the bag is turned upside down ensuring the liquids don’t spill. Seeing is believing as the uses extend far beyond the glass. The bags boast individually perforated Ice Cube blocks – making them easy to use, as and when needed.