GLAD Handi-Covers – now on shelf

GLAD has added an innovative new product to their range: GLAD Handi-Covers - elasticised food covers. These covers are ideal for covering bowls, plates and platters – even those made from plastic, wood and metal that regular wrap won’t cling to. GLAD Handi-Covers have a tight elastic seal that helps keep food fresher for longer, they are convenient and easy to use plus they can be used over and over again.

GLAD Handi-Covers are perfect for family gatherings, picnics or when transporting plates of food to a dinner party or braai. Plus they can be used in the fridge and are microwave-safe (only for defrosting or reheating), let steam settle prior to lifting the cover after using the microwave.


  • To protect your food and leftovers, medium GLAD Handi-Covers are ideal for side plates and bowls
  • Large GLAD Handi-Covers are the perfect size for dinner plates, all while protecting your food and leftovers
  • Protect your food and leftovers with extra-large GLAD Handi-Covers, ideal size for serving platters