You can pull off anything with new improved GLAD Bake

GLAD continues to innovate and improve and has just launched GLAD Bake and Cooking Paper with 20% better non-stick performance.

GLAD Bake & Cooking Paper is a non-stick baking and cooking paper that eliminates the need to grease trays and pans enabling you to cook with less mess and no oil.

GLAD Bake boasts many uses and features:

  • Line cake tins and baking trays to prevent food from sticking
  • Ideal for pan frying because it eliminates the need for additional cooking oil, providing an oil-free way of cooking
  • Withstands temperatures of up to 230°C making it ideal for use in both microwave and convection ovens

This means that your chicken wings will come out golden brown and sticky - but your pans won’t. Giving you less to clean is just another way GLAD makes every kitchen simply better.

We all live busy lives and want convenience and simplicity where it counts – such as non-stick cooking where no oil is needed and the food glides off the pan, this means less messy pots and pans to clean. Great time-saver, as well as less water and detergents needed.

GLAD - Making Life a Little Easier.


GLAD WRAP has a million and one uses and is available in a box, refill and perforated rolls. Glad Wrap is available in different lengths to suit every need. Glad Wrap is convenient to use, from covering bowls to covering large plates of food. Glad Perforated Wrap is most convenient, should you require a longer piece, just pull the sheet to the desired length and tear. Glad Wrap is safe, non-toxic and bio-degradable. Glad Wrap is the only wrap that is endorsed by the CANSA association.

  • Wrap Refill 40m x 330mm
  • Wrap 100m
  • Wrap 30m x 330mm
  • Wrap Perforated 50m
  • Glad Wrap 600m x 33cm

Glad Wrap Coloured Wrap

GLAD Coloured Wrap makes every special occasion more festive! Cover your food in the yellow or purple wrap to create a festive atmosphere. Great for parties. All Glad Wrap is safe for microwave cooking.


is available in Light and Heavy and has a million and one uses. It is also available indifferent sizes and lengths to suit every need. Glad Foil refill is also available.

  • Glad Foil Light - 10mx300mm
  • Glad Foil Heavy – 10mx440mm
  • Glad Foil Heavy Duty – 70mx440mm
  • Glad Foil Heavy Duty – 150mx440mm
  • Glad Foil Baking Dish – 250mmx250mmx50mm