Sandwich Bags

Glad Sandwich Bags vary in size from Small which is big enough to hold a government slice of bread to Large bags which can hold 4 slices of bread or a hamburger.

Freezer Bags

GLAD Freezer Bags are thick, strong and suitable to freeze all types of food. Included in the bag is a tie to seal in freshness and minimize freezer burn.

Cooking Bags

Glad Steam Lock Bags is an easy and healthy way to cook food in minutes. Steam cooking keeps the flavour and natural goodness in the food.

Wraps, Foils & Baking Paper

GLAD innovates and improves with GLAD Bake and Cooking Paper which has 20% better non-stick performance, Glad Wrap which renowned for its convenience and Glad Foil, which is available in Light and Heavy and has a million and one uses.

Press 'n Seal Wrap

Press 'n Seal Wrap is a whole new, versatile food storage wrap that combines many benefits of today's wraps, foils, and food storage bags or containers. 

Multipurpose Bags

GLAD Multi-Fresh Food Storage Bags is unique bags that have been developed to greatly extend the life and freshness of all fruits and vegetables.

Zip Seal Bags

Remember their Zip Seal® clever seal that lets you know it’s sealed properly with their YELLOW AND BLUE MAKE GREEN technology? Well now GLAD has added Resealable Storage Bags® to the Zip Seal range.