Quick Asian Noodle salad



1 x packet 2 minute noodles, chicken flavour
80g cooked chicken, sliced
5 cm piece English cucumber, cut into strips
1 small orange salad pepper, seeded and sliced
1 small yellow salad pepper, seeded and sliced
10 ml sesame seeds
10 ml fresh coriander leaves Salt and freshly ground black pepper, to taste
Dressing: 25 ml Ponzu (citrus flavoured soy sauce) 2ml fish sauce 2 ml sesame oil


1. Cook the noodles according to instructions. Drain, toss with a little oil and allow to cool.

2. Prepare the remaining ingredients and toss together with the noodles.

3. For dressing: Mix all the ingredients together in a small glass bowl and drizzle over the salad.

4. Transfer the salad to a Glad Rainbow Sandwich bag. Fold closed and secure with a colourful sticker.