Cheese Platter




Step 1: Wrap a sturdy rectangular cardboard or polystyrene board with Glad Heavy-weight foil to create a platter. Secure the back with sticky tape if needed.

Step 2: Decorate the platter with a banana leaf or other edible leaf. (Optional)

Step 3: Arrange a variety of cheeses on the platter – choose cheeses that have a variety of textures and tastes like Gorgonzola, Brie, Blue rock with cranberries, good quality Cheddar cheese and goats cream cheese rolled in herbs and black pepper. Portion sizes: Allow for 100 – 150 g cheese per person if the platter is to be served with drinks. Allow for 80 – 100g cheese per person if to be served after the main meal.

Step 4: Arrange a variety of dry biscuits in between the cheeses and add a bottle homemade of preserved figs in balsamic syrup or watermelon preserve. Decorate the bottle with a doily made with Glad Bake Paper over the cap, secure with raffia. Make a tag with Glad Bake paper and handmade paper. Write the name of the bottle’s content on the label and tie to the bottle with raffia or a ribbon.

Step 5: Add a variety of fresh berries like blue berries and strawberries to the platter or even red and green grapes.

Step 6: Cover the platter with the pink Glad Style Cling wrap. Take the platter to a dinner party as a gift to the hostess. Glad Style Cling wrap is available in pink and yellow.